Michelle, Wayne, and Allen do the North Lake to South Lake Loop, July 2001

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2001NorthToSouth/000001 2001NorthToSouth/000002 2001NorthToSouth/000003

Mono Lake from the roadside at Lee Vining.

Michelle and Wayne at the Lamarck Lakes trailhead.

Michelle fording the outlet stream of Lower Lamarck Lake.






2001NorthToSouth/000004 2001NorthToSouth/000005 2001NorthToSouth/000006

Lower Lamarck Lake. (Sorry about the badly-mounted slide. Ugh.)

Michelle and Wayne packing after lunch at an unnamed lake on the Lamark Col trail.

Michelle and Wayne with a little more context.






2001NorthToSouth/000009 2001NorthToSouth/000010 2001NorthToSouth/000013

The lake below Lamarck Col (which is near the left side of the picture). Another poorly-mounted slide, unfortunately.

Sun cups below Lamarck Col. Looks like a disorderly, disreputable crowd.

Sun cups viewed from the talus on the way up to Lamarck Col.






2001NorthToSouth/000015 2001NorthToSouth/000016 2001NorthToSouth/000017

Wayne making his way through the sun cups.

Close-up view of the sun's ice sculpture, near the top of Lamarck Col.

Michelle and Wayne at Lamarck Col. Mt. Darwin in the background.






2001NorthToSouth/000018 2001NorthToSouth/000019 2001NorthToSouth/000020

The view toward Bishop, CA, from Lamarck Col.

The Darwin/Mendel massif from just below Lamarck Col.

Part of Darwin Canyon at evening.






2001NorthToSouth/000021 2001NorthToSouth/000022 2001NorthToSouth/000023

The Darwin/Mendel massif next morning.

Michelle and Wayne ready to set out on the second day's hike.

Darwin Canyon and the Darwin Lakes.






2001NorthToSouth/000024 2001NorthToSouth/000029 2001NorthToSouth/000030

Unnamed lake on the Darwin Bench. Site of second day's lunch. (Michelle is just visible on the trail near the left side of the picture.)

Darwin/Mendel massif seen from the other side, in Evolution Basin.

Wayne in camp at Wanda Lake.






2001NorthToSouth/000035 2001NorthToSouth/000040 2001NorthToSouth/000042

Muir Pass, with the Sierra Club hut just visible in the sunlit portion of the saddle. Wanda Lake in foreground.

Lazy marmot just visible on the sunny rock in the midground. Morning of the third day.

Michelle and Wayne at the hut on Muir Pass.






2001NorthToSouth/000043 2001NorthToSouth/000044 2001NorthToSouth/000045

Looking back from the pass to Wanda Lake. Mt. Goddard on the left.

Helen Lake. (Wanda and Helen were Muir's daughters.)

Wayne and Michelle and the scree near Helen Lake.






2001NorthToSouth/000046 2001NorthToSouth/000048 2001NorthToSouth/000051

LeConte Canyon, at roughly 8800 feet in altitude the low point of the trip. Long hiking day from Wanda Lake to the Canyon, then up to Dusy Basin...

Dusy Basin at evening. Palisades on the left, Columbine Peak at center.

Palisades at evening.






2001NorthToSouth/000053 2001NorthToSouth/000055 2001NorthToSouth/000056

Michelle and Wayne in camp at Dusy Basin, end of third day.

The Palisade Crest, viewed the morning of the fourth day from Dusy Basin.

On the way to Bishop Pass.






2001NorthToSouth/000057 2001NorthToSouth/000058 2001NorthToSouth/000059

Allen's favorite snow sensor, station BSH, below Bishop Pass.

The divide separating Dusy and Palisade basins, and other things.

Michelle at Bishop Pass.






2001NorthToSouth/000060 2001NorthToSouth/000061 2001NorthToSouth/000062

Wayne and environs at Bishop Pass.

Wayne at Bishop Pass. (Note sign.)

View down the east side of Bishop Pass.






2001NorthToSouth/000066 2001NorthToSouth/000067 2001NorthToSouth/000068

Michelle and Wayne at South Lake, the end of the trip.

All three of us, at the trailhead parking lot. Ready for a shower!

Thunderstorms brewing over the Sierra as we drive home.