Galapagos 2002 - People

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2002Galapagos/010012 2002Galapagos/010027 2002Galapagos/030026

President's residence.


Supporting the globe, one of us on each side of the equator.

La Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, north of Quito

Inside the Van Straelen visitor center at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island






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Tourists and tortoise.

Santa Cruz Island

Inside Jacqueline de Roy's house.

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

Greg Estes (our naturalist) and friend. "Hold out a stick, and they'll visit."

Floreana Island






2002Galapagos/960027 2002Galapagos/050026 2002Galapagos/060001

Mark, Prisca, Tory, Linda, Brian, Diana, Alex, Amanda, Sara, Julie, Bill, Allen, Michelle, and John. Photo by Greg.

Post Office Bay, Floreana Island

Loading the panga (skiff) to go snorkeling.

Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island

Hikers leaving the panga (skiff).

Urvina Bay, Isabela Island






2002Galapagos/960062 2002Galapagos/080006 2002Galapagos/090014

Allen contemplating iguanas.

Punta Espinosa, Fernandina Island [I think].

What we look like from the wildlife's point of view. (The guy with the tripod is John Madunich, our tour leader.)

James Bay, James (Santiago) Island

Greg Estes, our naturalist.

Tower (Genovesa) Island






2002Galapagos/960098 2002Galapagos/110019 2002Galapagos/970019

Allen and Michelle.

Bartolome Island

Friends at last.

South Plaza Island

Michelle ascending to the Sagitta's crow's nest.

Somewhere on the way to Daphne Major






2002Galapagos/970022 2002Galapagos/970024 2002Galapagos/110037

Crew of the Sagitta.

Near Baltra Island

El Capitan.

Somewhere near Baltra Island

On board the Sagitta, leaving Daphne Major for the airport on Baltra and our return to Quito.

Daphne Major Island