Allen's Favorites

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2003Canyons/020003 2003Canyons/020011 2003Canyons/020014

Apparently this butterfly thinks Michelle looks like lunch.

Grand Canyon North Rim

The Transept.

Grand Canyon North Rim

Evening at the Lodge. Deva Temple, Brahma Temple, Zoroaster Temple in the middle distance; Bright Angel Canyon below them; San Francisco Peaks on the skyline.

Grand Canyon North Rim






2003Canyons/020024 2003Canyons/040005 2003Canyons/030005

Colorado River from the old Navajo Bridge.

Lee's Ferry

Betatakin dwelling and Fire People pictograph.

Navajo National Monument


Monument Valley






2003Canyons/050007 2003Canyons/050012 2003Canyons/050018

Skyscape from Artist's Point.

Monument Valley

Sandstorm by Mitchell Butte.

Monument Valley

Unknown buttes.

Valley of the Gods






2003Canyons/060006 2003Canyons/060018 2003Canyons/070005

Spider Rock, from Spider Rock Overlook on the South Rim Drive. Spider Rock was named for Spider Woman, the old Hopi who taught the Navajo to weave.

Canyon de Chelly

Mummy Cave ruin.

Canyon de Chelly

Tamarisk in bloom.

Capitol Reef National Park






2003Canyons/070006 2003Canyons/080010 2003Canyons/080024

Western face of Capitol Reef.

Capitol Reef National Park

The Wall of Windows.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Looking down into a slot canyon along the Observation Point trail.

Zion National Park







Zion Canyon from Observation Point. Angels Landing at center right.

Zion National Park