2005 Trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Denali

Although we've been travelling more than usual this year, after Congress took steps to authorize oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge we felt some urgency to see that part of the country before it's permanently changed. So we set off to Alaska in mid-June, hoping to be late enough in the season for good weather and early enough to avoid the worst of the bugs.

As usual, Michelle did the trip planning. This time her research led her to Alaska Discovery, an affiliate of Mountain Travel Sobek. AK Disco (as it's known locally) offers a variety of trips. Eventually we chose two sub-trips, with six days camping in the Wildlife Refuge and another five in a cabin at Camp Denali inside Denali National Park.

If you'd like to see all the full-size photos in one sequence, along with narration for the major sections of the trip, click here:

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Thanks again to the folks at AK Disco and Camp Denali!