2004 Costa Rica

For about a month each year, our friends Mary Jo and Peter live in their house in the Costa Rican countryside near Tres Piedras. Michelle decided that this year would be the ideal time to visit them, and as a bonus, she could receive her favorite birthday present - travelling someplace new.

We spent a few days with MJ and Peter at their place and at the Avalon Reserve and Biological Station near Division. Afterwards Michelle and I took a guided climb to the top of Costa Rica's highest peak, Cerro Chirripo, then visited the Wilson Botanical Gardens at Las Cruces Biological Station near the Panamanian border. Finally, Michelle and I made short stops at the Irazu Volcano National Park and at the Butterfly Farm in La Guacima.

The following links lead to index pages for the full set of photos, and for selected subsets that you might find especially interesting. There are more photos than usual for us on a trip of this length, because Michelle was shooting actively.

PS: In case you're wondering why my right arm appears bandaged... I acquired a nasty case of poison oak just before we left home.