2005 Trip to South Australia and Tasmania

It's become a tradition for Michelle to suggest that we travel for her birthday. When we compared notes, we found that Australia (and particularly Tasmania) were on both our lists of places-we-wanted-to-go.

Michelle already had a few Australian destinations in mind, but researched many others from sources in print and on the Web. During her web searches she found Outback Encounter. It seemed that they had relationships with all the places we wanted to go, and plenty more of the type we found interesting. So we asked them to organize most of the trip, and they did an outstanding job.

This was an unusually long (26 days) trip for us, and it was also the first time that we used a digital camera exclusively, so there are lots of photos. 627 survived Allen's every-evening caption and cleanup sessions.

259 are here on the website. If you'd like to see them all in one sequence, along with narration for the major sections of the trip, click here:

If you'd like to view thumbnail photos and narration, or full-sized photos for one section of the trip at a time, choose a section from this list:

Thanks once again to Rebecca and Drew at Outback Encounter!