Michelle and Allen's Home Page

Solar Power

Much of the electricity we use is supplied by a solar power (photovoltaic) system. We've moved recently, and don't have an updated page for our current system, but here's our solar power page describing the older one.

Palo Alto

From 2011 to 2014 Allen was a member of the committee developing design guidelines for the Professorville Historic District in Palo Alto. Reflections on the Professorville Design Guidelines describes some of what the committee learned, how it affected the guidelines, and tools you can use to view the raw data.

In 2014 Allen started checking traffic levels in the neighborhood.


Michelle lives to travel; Allen goes along most of the time. We both enjoy backpacking. Here are selected photographs from some of the trips we've made.

For best viewing, you should adjust your display so that it's compatible with the sRGB standard. If you're unfamiliar with that, or your display doesn't have an sRGB option, try adjusting brightness and contrast so that each of the following 26 gray squares is distinguishable from the squares next to it:

gray scale


After a break of many years, Allen's started woodworking again. We haven't updated the website for the shop at the new house, but here's the shop at the old house which has the same equipment.